Monday, September 27, 2010

Loving an Imperfect Kitten

Hi Guys!

So today I'd really like to ask for your help.

My dad brought in the cutest little kitten yesterday, and we've only just found out he's blind.
The doctor's have recommended putting him to sleep, as he won't be able to survive outdoors, or live a 'normal' life.
Finding out the news was much more difficult than i'd anticipated.
It's definitely hit me hard, and made me realize how often we think of ourselves instead of the animals we're trying to help.
Being heartbroken over this kitten's situation may seen silly to some, but it's made me aware how much we value sight in this society. Not having this sense seems to be enough to make  the decision to kill a defenseless creature.
I don't know.
Just food for thought.
Other than that he's super frisky and playful, and absolutely loves hugs and kisses.
If anyone out there knows of a family (in Bahrain!) who can care for such an adorable guy (he's amazing) please please please let me know!

Anyway, thanks for listening (it helps!),

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