Friday, November 20, 2009

Diamonds and A Beach Festival- November Events

So the past few days have been pretty intense.
As I've mentioned earlier I haven't been feeling pretty well.  Add the stress of 'the job' and mild food poisoning, and you've got one unhappy camper.
I've got quite a lot of big news, but living on the lovely island of Bahrain (BAHRAIN I LOVE YOU!!!) 
I should keep my mouth shut until things are done. In the meantime, I can tell you about some other major things have taken place on the island I call home:

  1. Jewelry Arabia 2009 is finally here! You have no idea how many times I've heard stories about the legendary halls upon halls of diamonds! The models lounging around, dripping with diamonds, and the women flocking from all over the Gulf spending thousands of dinars on a years supply worth. So I finally got a chance to go this year, and well, it was an interesting experience.  What's always intrigued me the most was how millions of dollars worth of diamonds could be stolen every year.  It's just astounding. Apparently they can never seem to get the place locked down enough.  But them again how can you with all the people running around, and the sheer quantity of jewels. So this year according to the GDN, over BD 100,000 worth of diamonds have been allegedly stolen on the first day.  Not a good start, but if you can try and get yourself down there.  It's definitely an experience.
  2. When I heard that Bahrain was having it's very own Bahrain International Beach Festival, with the top DJ's coming in during the three days of Eid I was shocked.   At first I wanted to go out and get some tickets (after all, Bahrain's a sleepy town, this would surely be AWESOME).  But the more I though of it, the more I knew that there was NO way the religious right would let something like this happen.  And guess what.  One week to go, and look who's finally awake. Several PM's have made statements wanting to ban the event.  My thought to them- if you're so worried that this event will corrupt the morals of your children, why don't you actually teach them ethics (so that they in turn can critically think and use their minds) rather than shutting down the event for the rest of us.  What i'd really like to know is, why must you control other people's lives to fit what you think is 'right'.  Now this doesn't just go for you, but for everyone out there. All I want to know is..... why is everyone so judgmental and close minded?

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