Friday, January 28, 2011

Historic Protests in Egypt

If someone had told me 2 weeks ago that something like this was going to happen I would have never believed it.

I've been watching the Arabic news all day, and some of the images coming out of Cairo have been shocking.

The commentary has varied... some skeptical of true change believing that the regime is too strong to fall, while others seeing the strength of the protesters believe that true change can happen.

From all reports it seems that over 10 thousand protesters throughout Egypt have taken to the streets, with those in Alexandria and Suez being the most successful.
According to one of the commentators on Al Jazeera, "The barrier of fear is definitively broken."
Earlier to day I would have disagreed with this comment, but after watching the people take to the street in this manner, and how bravely they're standing up to the riot police and secret forces, no phrase uttered thus far has been so powerful.
Watching the news last night, I didn't think much would come of today.  No popular uprising could take place without all segments of society... women children, the middle class etc.  And watching all the news coverage today I was surprised by the number of women, children and people from all walks of life.
Truly amazing.

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