Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tahrir and a Free Egypt

Walking into Tahrir square I could not help but feel tense. So much had taken place since I had last strolled down those very streets to class. A revolution had happened. Not just one that had removed its dictator, but one that had changed the entire face of the Egyptian population.

Walking through the square I could not help but be surprised by the sights I saw.

  1.  People (predominantly educated youth) had all bought brooms and were cleaning up the streets as the city moved by. It’s not seen as a chore, rather an honor to contribute part of themselves to the country. What was most astounding, what took me completely by surprise is that it has somehow become a social gathering; for people to meet up in their neighborhoods- talk about the latest political gossip and sweep.  
  2. Companies were capitalizing on this wave on national pride.  I saw jotun (the paint company) supplying paint to volunteers and staff to rebeautify Cairo.  Most strikingly, was the newly painted triumphant gold representing victory that now covered the old grime covered green of the past regime.
  3. The Egypt was now the latest free country. And there’s nothing that everyone was most proud of…. They did it peacefully.  They regained their dignity without violence. And even when things were at their worst (when Mubarak didn’t step down during his speech) the demonstrators were able to keep control, and show why masr um al donya. I’m proud to be Egyptian. I’m proud of my countrymen. We are now an example for the rest of the world to follow.

We’re back.

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