Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cooking Fiasco...

Hi Guys,

Being the girl that I am, I decided after yesterday's ordeal (with testing out 4 different pizza crust recipes, a new fruit cocktail recipe, and a batch of valentine's day fortune cookies), that I would give myself a bit of a rest.
Instead I woke up this morning with determined to try my hand once again at ravioli (the white flour kind this time) as well as a dessert I've been dying to try every since I read about it on one of my favourite food blogs- The Kitchn.
To keep things brief, I ended up making two pots of ravioli, creamy banana ice cream-with one ingredient only! (which turned out amazing!!) as well as some oats, brown sugar and cinnamon baked apples.  All in all it was quite an adventure!

By the time lunch had rolled round i was quite exhausted, (and somewhat glad that the weekend was finally here; slower pace), until my mum walked in to let me know that she had told a few friends of our sushi making experience, and invited them over tomorrow! The second my sister heard that she was out the door and had called 2 of her friends over.
So yeah.
Tomorrow I'm cooking for about 10.
Should be interesting given that my mum doesn't trust raw fish here in Bahrain (which means NO fish allowed) and the guests expecting fish.
We'll see how it goes!
But anyway after this news we ran out to get all the necessary ingredients (which was a fiasco!) and by the time we got back I'd decided that I wanted to try out the amazing Red Velvet Whoopie Pies I had recently spotted at Annie's Eats.
Here's how the pro's make them look:

Let me just say mine don't look anywhere near as awesome, but definitely something to strive to!
Pics of the mayhem should be up tomorrow...
Wish me luck... I'm going to need it!

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