Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What A Week!

Hi Guys,
I hope you've all been well, and I'd just like to apologize for not putting anything up the past week or so.
I guess I could explain by saying that I've been super busy (which I have), that I haven't had the time (which is also true), but to be honest with you, I'd kind of gotten sick of blogging.

Well, let me explain.  Even though I've always loved writing, and have mostly been doing comms works recently, I'm supposed to be all over it- but somehow I'm not.  And according to a story I read about.... hmm.. a week ago (wait a minute...) young people have started to get sick of blogging and are finding it increasingly longwinded!

So to keep things brief, here's what I've been up to!
  1. Planned and cooked a weekend lunch for a few of my parent's friends (about 25 people) all while trying to calm my mum down.
  2. During that process I discovered a few new recipes, and an amazing book entitled Outdoor Entertaining that gave me (and mostly my mum) a push to try and make things more presentable, which lead me down the path of trying to make the outdoor tables look presentable. 

Here's the blue table, which I thought would look great white flowers (and cutlery), and was very very dreamy.
Although the entire area looked amazing, the only problem was that the bougainvillea flowers started wilting almost immediately, and since nothing else really grows in our garden, there really weren't any alternatives (so if anyone out there knows any tips please let me know!)

So the next table was a bit brighter, but also looked amazing by the time I had everything in order.
And an overview

All in all, the experience was exhausting, but very educational!

Other things I've been up to:
  1. Discovered an authentic Japanese store in Bahrain, and commenced to make some kickass sushi (best meal in the world!)
  2. Tried four types of pizza crust in my attempt to find the best crust in the WORLD!
  3. And most importantly, I just got in from bringing back my kitten from the vet. Here's a picture of him a few weeks after we rescued him! Very very cute!!

Anyway! I should run (it's late, and I just finished trying my hand at fortune cookies for the first time!)
Will fill you guys in soon I promise!
Thanks for listening,

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