Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outdoor Sushi Lunch

Hey guys!
I’m so so sorry for not putting these photo’s up!
I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks…. I really have no idea where the time flew by!
So as I mentioned during my last post, I was attempting to pull off a sushi lunch for about 12 people all with an evening’s notice. So yeah it was nervewracking!

I ended up waking up the next morning slightly frazzled, until my mum informed me that the main people we had invited had a hankering for candy apples, and was wondering if I could make her some. Yeah. I get this news about 3 hours before they were due to arrive! So I said sure, and ran off to find a recipe that was do-able…. And here are the results!

Amazing huh?

Granted, they look fabulous, but according to my sources they were quite hard (but then again we realized that none of us had ever tried any- since ALL of out parents had never let us… you know teeth rotting etc!)

After our mini adventure with that, we decided to start making sushi (only an hour beforehand… eek!) and well, let me just say this… things could have gotten much much much worse!

We ended up making 6 large platters, each with the same combinations.

 Mostly vegetables (cucumbers, avocado, red pepper) and some with fish bases (crab sticks and smoked salmon). 
It turned out pretty awesome, and everyone had a great time!

To supplement the meal there was quite a bit of jasmine green tea going around (which turned out amazing, given that we were sitting outdoors, and it was slightly chilly), as well as some icy pink lemonade. 
For dessert, candy apples and the valentine whoopie pies from Annie’s Eats!
The guests loved them, even though the colour didn’t come out quite right, and I used whipped cream instead for the filling…

All in all it was a great lunch and afternoon!

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