Friday, March 12, 2010

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Cats have an amazing talent for unusual positions, and are constantly challenging the way you view the world.

I never remember to photograph things (thinking that i'll be able to catch them again in that position- wrong!), but for some reason, at the precise moment, I had the camera on me.

I was looking for my mum to ask her about something, only to find her in my sister's room changing her bed sheets.  Now Soda (pictured above) loves sleeping by the foot of my sister's bed, just where the light and warmth hits, and more than anything loves following my mum around.
All the time.

On this occasion instead of waiting for my mum to finish what she was doing, she decided to sleep on the headboard (which really is only 5cm wide), dangling her arm off one side and her head off the other.
How she thought she could balance on the headboard I do not know.

Truly creative.

Have a great weekend,

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