Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Hammock & a Bird

So the past few weeks here, the weather has been amazing... just perfect.. it's warm yet it's there's a cool breeze, just perfect for sitting in the garden.

Every year when this sort of weather rolls around, all of us start wishing for a hammock.... we've been wanting one for years, anything that's no exorbitantly expensive.

Although living in a place like Bahrain is awesome, the lack of manufacturing infrastructure means that almost everything is brought in from abroad... one of these items, is the ever-illusive hammock.

Given that hammocks here are ridiculously expensive, I finally realized that I could try to rig one up myself, and turned to Instructables in the hopes of finding something easy to do.
And wow... did I ever... I couldn't believe that one could construct a hammock without sewing anything together. All you basically need is some thick long material, and some long heavy rope. 2 minutes later, and presto....a hammock!
It's super easy, and I just watched it in video form here.
Now do  you guys remember the super cute little kitten that we rescued a while back?
Well he's now turned into a (not so) little monster, that I've dubbed him 'fatty'. 
He's grown so incredibly fast, and is so much bigger than any cat we've ever had (and he's still only 6 months old!)

Well right after I put together the hammock, he started going crazy and attacking it in anyway he could..

eyeing the strings
attacking the palm tree

I also ended up finding this cool woven bird tutorial on another site, and thought I'd try it out.

The author wears them as brooches, but I found it was a tad too big for me.... Planning on putting something together sometime soon that will really show off it's beauty!

Anyway, I should run...

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