Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Davos Davos Davos...

Hey Guys!

So you won't believe it... I finally got out of my little bubble, and decided to get back into what I was trained to do.... argue over politics. Now new and improved with a video!

So this whole thing started out after I watched Rima Maktabi (I think that's how its spelt!) on the Al Arabiya channel on YouTube asking for questions about the power dynamics in the Middle East.  I was initially stuck by how professionally the video was done (for Arabic news channels) and how presentable she was as a host (because believe me, I've seen some train wrecks!).
So if you're familiar with the Arabic news scene, most of the women anchoring or presenting look a little something like this.

Now before people get up in arms, this is NOT a TV presenter, couldn't think of any off the top of my head at the moment , but suffice to say that they are not the most 'natural' of beauties (or at least they make sure they're never mistaken for that!)
So juxtaposing that with the clip below.... well... you'll see.

Anyway I wasn't really sure I should get involved, but as I scrolled through the comments, I noticed that the only thing people were noticing was how she looked, and the fact that her english wasn't perfect. Not the content, her professionalism or anything else. A few comments noted that there was no way she was Arab, and that an Arab woman would not look anything like that.
So yeah.
That pushed me to make a little video, and I'm so glad i did.
Check it out!

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Thanks guys!

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