Friday, January 8, 2010

Gym or More Food?

Hi Guys,

In an effort to slow down my crazy cooking frenzy, I thought I'd just focus on making only one thing yesterday.  It was very hard to stick to that, but I did!

After much pushing from my family (the testers of my sometimes dubious creations), they unilaterally decided that they no longer wanted sweet items, as 'things were getting out of control'.

Now I can understand where they come from (after all you can't bake 3 cakes and a batch of biscuits and expect 3 people to eat it!) So i thought I'd try out a new recipe from Martha Stewart (I'm not the biggest fan of her personality, but she can cook.

This recipe was billed as the ligher version of chocolate pudding, and I'm here to tell you it was AMAZING (though nothing about it is 'light').  What's best about this dessert is that it's incredibly easy to make (it's shocking really), and with some additions it can be really impressive for guests. If you're interested here's the link!


So I woke up this morning feeling more antsy than usual, and decided to go to the gym.  The compound I happen to live in at the moment has a communal gym, so I got up, got all ready, only to find that it was closed! So I did what any girl in my situation would, turned back round and started planning what I wanted to make for everyone.... so much more satisfying!

Based on what's in the fridge, I think I'm going to go for the Spinach Roll (partially because it looks so impressive and unusual) from one of my favourite blogger Palachinka!

Wish me luck, it's going to be a looong day!

Hugs from Bahrain,

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