Monday, January 4, 2010

Food, Food, Food...

So I just wanted to start of by apologizing for not sticking to my normal schedule!
Due to several factors (slow news days, being very busy and getting sucked into another one of my 'projects') I haven't had the time to make vlogs as much as I could.

So the past two days I've been on a bit of a cooking frenzy.  I've been known to randomly be struck by 'the mood' and end up baking several cakes at a time (which no one in the house is willing to eat!).

From what I've figured out, these bouts of 'extreme cooking' usually last two days of non-stop cooking, which is exactly what's happened here!

Among my many creations, I experimented with making broccoli soup from scratch, fruit sushi, and this morning, the ever elusive bread bowl.

After having a fabulous lunch (iced green tea- which is amazing, veggie packed tuna sandwiches (hence the green colour), and fresh salad in a bread bowl), little cantaloupe and peach 'kabobs' with honey dressing to finish it all off, was just perfect.

There really is nothing better than a refreshing simple lunch. 

Anyway, thanks for listening, and if you want to check out my latest vlog you can do so by clicking here!


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