Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Mad Dash- Ravioli Edition

So, if you're not one of the people who happen to know me very well, there's one very very important thing for you to know, that would explain a lot of my behaviour (whether on this blog or on my YouTube channel).

And it is this.
I'm very very randomly focused. 
That is, I'll get something into my head, and under no circumstances will I remove myself from that task (regardless of whether I have the materials necessary, the time or the patience) until it is (in some form or another) completed.

Now, looking back on the past few posts, the mood has struck in the kitchen for the past few weeks, and before that in the fine arts department (painting) and before that well.... it's just a never ending cycle with me!

So this afternoon I fell victim to one of by biggest cravings.
Pasta with red sauce.
A Mediterranean classic.

So instead of doing what I always do (wake up in the middle of the night and boil me some pasta), I decided that I would try something different (and much much much more time consuming!)

I decided I would make ravioli from scratch.

To keep things in perspective, even though I cook almost everyday, the things I choose to tackle must have a very very basic ingredients list.
In this house, we rarely have things other than the basics, (and planning ahead is such a pain).

So away I went, only choosing recipes that I knew I had ingredients for (ran out of white flour, but found some whole wheat... why not use that?..etc. etc).

Anyhoo.... I must say that given the lack of ingredients, recipes and it being my first attempt it turned out amazing!
I filled the whole wheat ravioli with spinach and ricotta, plopped them in the oven with some spicy red sauce and mozzarella, and POOF!
One pot of amazing fresh ravioli.

Now being the person I am, it wasn't that great... the whole wheat flavour wasn't for me, plus some additional tweaking for the stuffing, but a great first attempt!

So I saved half of the batch to test out a few other ways of cooking it for tomorrow, and will report back soon!
Hope you all had a great day!
Lots of love,

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