Sunday, January 24, 2010

Run Lyla Run!


So if you haven't check out my latest vlog, you can check it out here

So last night as I was catching up on all the latest in the realm of the YouTube videosphere, I saw the somewhat disturbing news that Sxephil was carted off yesterday to the hospital for his PKD.  His vlog the next day, as well as the latest push by Shaycarl and his Shayloss program has got me thinking about obesity and the role of community in fight against the bulge.

News has come out that Oklahoma City Mayor, Mike Cornett, has launched a city wide initiative to combat obesity.  I'm not too sure how effective it'll be, but it's a great start, and according to a Fox article over two thousand people had signed up for the program during the first week of Jan.

With the Biggest Loser, all those diet books and guru's out there telling you what do, it can be hard sometimes to get involved.  Maybe it's because they're so far removed from out daily lives, or maybe its because they make it sound so easy when it's not. Having Phil or Shaycarl upload regular vlogs documenting their struggles while having a comprehensive plan that anyone can get involved with seems like it would be a good idea. I'd love to do something like that sometime soon, but to be honest with you, I'm extremely tired, and my motivation is lacking.
Which is probably the best reason why I should start today!

Anyhoo, I should run, lots of work to get through!
Enjoy the rest of your day,

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