Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Things to Do Outdoors?

Good Morning!

Ok... I guess it's not morning over here anymore.... about 2 pm at the moment, and since it's Friday, it's a weekend!
So here in Bahrain, our weekends are Friday and Saturday, with other places in the GCC (Saudi for example) taking Thursday and Friday off.

So one of the cool things about not living in the US or Europe is that things don't look like this

Ok.... well that looks gorgeous, but  what I mean is in the Middle East the weather rarely gets to that point.

Hearing the news of all the terrible weather going on in the US and Europe, it can be hard at times to understand what it's like, when over the past few days it's been in the 24-28 degrees C here (in the 70's for our International friends).

And though it's a bit on the chilly side for me (hey! I grew up in Saudi!) it's still kicks butt of ice storms, soggy wetness, and overall miserableness.

So I wanted to ask you guys, what do you do when the weather is amazing?
It seems like we're never outdoors (the occasional lunch etc), but I'd love to soak up a bit more sun and fresh air.... Any suggestions?

Anyhoo, thanks for reading my ramblings,
Take care and have an awesome weekend!

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