Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Haters...

So I have to admit that there have been two things bothering me today.

The first is this article from the NY Times which I talk about in my latest vlog, and the second (and far more personal) is that in my latest video talking about Bahrain "I got my figures wrong”. When I first saw that comment I have to say I was blown away and really hurt. 
Mostly hurt by the fact that I saw it as a personal attack.

And then I saw it for what it was. 

While YouTube is an amazing place where you can find almost everything you want, it also provides haters (along with the ignorant) to be rude, inappropriate and worst of all mean.  The anonymity brings out the worst in people sometimes, but I’m also glad in my case it’s brought me closer to a lot of very supportive people around the world. So again thanks for your support.

Anyway going back to the haters, I sifted through my wrong figures and came up with three possible issues.
  1. That the population distribution wasn’t correct.
  2. The whole thing about the island no longer producing oil
  3. And the whole longest bridge in the world

So let me go through them one by one and demonstrate what was going through my wildly drugged up mind yesterday (don’t worry- it’s all legal).

Firstly  as I said on the note it’s approximate (and I by no means have insider knowledge to the actual intel) that the population distribution was 52-48 %.  These APPROXIMATE figures were based of the Central Bank of Bahrain’s latest findings which can be found here.

As for the whole oil producing thing, since this was supposed to be a mini vid showing foreigners some general ideas about Bahrain I must clarify and say… ok… so Bahrain does produce oil, but in very insignificant amounts, and are already falling short of the oil necessary to sustain the country.  Saudi (out of the kindness of their hearts) have allowed Bahrain to refine oil from their fields as an inadvertent way of supplying the country with the necessary funds, and make refining and upsteam activity financially viable for the Kingdom. So yeah. Slightly inaccurate, but I thought the general YouTuber wouldn’t really want me to go on and on.

FINALLY, about the whole bridge thing. I must admit that I was wrong about that one.  Ever since I was little, people have been telling me that it was the longest bridge in the world, and well…  I’m just going to blame it on the drugs.  And the excruciating pain.
That’ll work.

So for all the haters out there, here are my blurry, and sometimes incoherent thoughts… hope it helps!

Thanks for listening,

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