Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thank You. Really.

Hi Guys,

So I woke up this morning somewhat dazed and confused about last night.
Sifting through the events of last night, it turned out I slept at about 4am, after writing that very depressing post. My first instinct with this whole thing is to pretend like it didn't happen, delete the post, and get on my merry way ('tis the season after all!) Until I got a private message from someone who happened to read it.

Having a complete stranger take time out of their very busy day to sit down and write me a long message about how people are watching and that I'm doing great, blew my mind. I haven't been feeling completely comfortable with the content I've been putting up, and I realized that all I've been doing is asking for your support.
And SO many of you have given it.
It's so overwhelming.
And I feel very small for not appreciating it more, and taking the negatives of what people are saying more to heart than all the kind words and notes of support.
It's so much easier to be mean on an anonymous platform like YouTube, and even easier to just be indifferent.  Being supportive and helping other people out takes much more time, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

Thank you all for being so great.
It really has put things into perspective for me.

Lots of love from Bahrain,

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