Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Take Two

Hi Guys,
I hope you're doing smashingly, and getting all pumped up for tomorrow's festivities!

I got in from the dentist this morning to watch another PhillyD segment, and the question he asked was definitely something I've been going on about for the past few days... AIRPORT SECURITY!

So even though I'm super afraid of being perceived as one of those uber-stalkery fans (which believe me I'm not! haha) I thought "hmm.... you're interesting in the subject, and you have something to say, you want more people to hear you, and Phil generally rocks, so why not go for it!"
Which I did.
And now that it's out there I feel kind of stupid.
But then again no one said putting yourself out there (when you're a hard core introvert) would be easy!
So here's to taking it one step at a time!

Here's Phil's segment, followed by mine!

Thanks for listening you guys!

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