Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Video 2 and Rolling heads: Eritrea Edition

After the complete surprise of yesterday's video, I've decided to keep this up more regularly, and I can already see a difference in the quality of video coming out.

Granted it's still terrible (if not worse), but a bit better than yesterday's, so I'm happy.
Little victories are a good thing.

So in today's video I talked a bit about the whole Eritrean National Football Team disappearing.
Yeah I know.
Quite shocking.  You can read more about it here.
Apparently they went for a match and never came back [no more no more no more no more... hit the road Jack].....
Which begs the question how bad must it be in Eritrea if even the national football team have to get out of there. 
Also, I would like to point out that  I would not have wanted to be inside that room when the president found out. 
Heads must be rolling. 

So if you wanted to check it (my video that is) out [hint hint... nudge nudge] you can right here

Another (not-so-)interesting (but closer to home) story is about how France has returned Frescos to Egypt. Reading the entire story (about how France could never steal artifacts- to 'ok ok...so we stole them...sorry!) was hilarious.  Apparently Egypt cut off ties with them in October after demanding the frescoes be returned in the grounds that they were stolen.  And only after they cut off researchers and archeologists from key sites in Egypt did they hand over the stolen property.

Doesn't anyone have any decency and honesty anymore?
Apparently not.

Thanks for listening.

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